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October 24, 2016

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Links To Phone & Pager Messaging Gateways
If you have not yet read ABTolls.com's disclaimer information, please do so before continuing.

Use this directory to go directly to the web based gateway for the cellular or paging provider that you want to send a message through.

For information of cellular phone plans click here

  • Allpage - Send a page to Allpage customers up to 80 characters in length.
  • Alltel - Send a text page to Digital Advisor or Paging customers.
  • Arch - Allows messages up to 200 characters.
  • AT&T (now Cingular) - Allows up to 230 characters to a pager or 110 characters to a text enabled phone.
  • Cingular Messaging Gateway -
  • Metrocall - Allows messages up to 200 characters.
  • Nextel - Allows up to 280 characters to be delivered right away or scheduled for later.Provides option to confirm delivery via e
  • Pacific Bell - Allows up to 640 characters to be delivered.Provides option to request delivery confirmation.
  • Simplewire - Wireless text
  • Skytel - Allows varying message lengths depending on subscriber.
  • Southwestern Bell - Allows up to 140 characters to be delivered to a text enabled phone.Provides option to delay delivery and to check delivery status.
  • Sprint PCS - Allows up to 160 characters to a pager or 100 characters to a text enabled phone.Includes option for e
  • T-Mobile - Allows a test message of up to 140 characters in length.
  • U-Msg.com - SMS gateway and messaging service
  • US Cellular - Allows up to 200 characters to be delivered to a text enabled devices.
  • Verizon Mobile Messenger - Allows up to 160 characters to be delivered.Messages will only be delivered to Verizon Wireless subscribers with digital handsets
  • Virgin Mobile - Allows up to 125 characters to be delivered to a phone.
  • Wyndtell - Enable people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at anytime
If you have a site to add to this list, please email ABTolls.com with the site and its URL.

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