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October 24, 2016

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Placing Calls From Foreign Countries To The US
If you have not yet read ABTolls.com's disclaimer information, please do so before continuing.

We recognize the needs of people who travel abroad and their desires to call back to the US from their foreign destinations. Generally, we have found that the rates for a long distance call placed from a foreign country to the US are higher than those placed from the US to that same foreign country. There are a variety of reason for this of which we will not go in to detail here. Currently, this site has a limited list of the rates for calls placed from foreign countries to the US using international calling calls (see below).

International Calling Cards - Calling cards are a more ideal solution for those that will be traveling around and need access to the service from multiple locations. They are normally a bit more expensive than callback services. Calling cards vary when it comes to international calls. ABTolls.com recommends contacting your calling card provider to determine what services it offers and what the rates are for the calls you may be making. Visit the international calling cards rates page to see the rates we have listed.

International Calling Card Rates Comparisons

For more information, here are links to several providers we know of that offer expanded international services in addition to those listed on our rates comparison.

    • AccuLinq - Stand alone calling card available with very low rates.
    • ATN - Stand alone calling card available for free
    • ECG - Requires signing up for direct dial service to get calling card
    • Isterra - Stand alone calling card available for free
    • AT&T - No rates data currently available
    • MCI/Worldcom - No rates data currently available
    • Sprint - No rates data currently available
Callback Services - These services are a bit tricky. Generally, the way these services work is that you contact the service (either via the internet or by making a quick international call) and give them your current number in the foreign country at which you can be reached. The service then initiates the call from the US to you at your contact number, and lets you then dial the US number you wish to reach. To the foreign phone company the call appears as if you simply received a call from the US. This in essence gives you the US to foreign country rate. This solution can work well if you are not going to move around a lot in the foreign country, can take the time to set up the callback service to your location, and then utilize it when you need to. It works less well if you plan to be traveling around, or need to use it from various payphones, hotels, etc. Each time you change location the callback service has to be re-notified of how to contact you. To compare some callback providers, visit our list of Callback Service providers.
Visit our list of Callback Service providers.

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