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October 28, 2016

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Use this form to find the long distance calling plan that best fits YOUR long distance calling habits. Enter your total in-state and/or state-to-state calls using the form below. Each form asks you to enter the number of calls placed in a month and the total number of minutes for all those calls combined. This level of detail allows us to find the most appropriate plan for YOU. If you don't know these numbers, you can find them on your most recent long distance phone bill.

For easier pre-set profiles that do not require such detailed calling information, use our Profile-Based Rates Searches.

* Alaska, Hawaii, & Washington DC Users: Due to limited data availability, the custom tools are not available for your areas. We are working on expanding these offerrings.

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Please estimate the total number of phone calls you make in a month and the total number of minutes you spent talking during those calls. (Click Here to use the FCC's average numbers)*
Total number of calls made:
Total number of minutes:
(combine minutes of all calls)

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For pre-set profiles, use our Profile-Based Rates Searches.

* According to a the FCC's 2004 Trends in Telephone Service Report, released 5/04, american housholds average 90 minutes of long distance usage per month from land-based phone lines (non-cellular).We spend an average of 44 minutes making calls within the state (intra-state) and an average of 42 minutes making calles to other states (inter-state). On average, a call lasts 7.1 minutes. In order to accurately represent these numbers in our system, we simply divided average number of minutes by the average length of a call. The resuts are roughly 6 in-state calls per month totalling 42 minutes of in-state usage and 6 state-to-state calls per month totalling 56 minutes. We recognize that your specific habits may vary from these averages and that it may seem like you make more than 13 calls a month. But do remember that many of your calls may only last 1 minute while one or two may last an hour. This is why we use the averages. Click Here to use these numbers if they are representative of your calling patterns.

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